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2. The process of photography
Self-portrait for Lee Friedlander

Some time after the Homage to Niepce I wanted to verify another aspect related to the reality of photography: the camera. In front of my window there is a mirror and the sunlight, passing through it, projects the shadow of a post together with my own shadow on the wall. My act of photographing is clearly visible if you look at the shadow and is also reflected in the mirror. A common element is present in both cases: the camera, placed at eyes' level, hides the contours of the photographer's face making it disappear. This verification is dedicated to that photographer who, in my opinion, looked into this matter more than anyone else and attempted to overcome the limit represented by the camera, that is the medium itself of his work and his quest. Maybe here, as in the subsequent self-portrait with Nini there is the obsession of being present, of seeing myself while I am seeing, of taking part and being involved. Or rather there is the awareness that the camera is not part of me, but is an additional medium whose significance cannot be either overestimated or underestimated. Precisely for this reason, it is a medium which leaves me out just when I am most present.