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5. Enlargements
The sky for Nini

If there is something absolutely impossible to enlarge, this is the sky. A photograph of a clear, cloudless sky without any landmark is an absurdity or a paradox. So, I took photos of different parts of the sky from the terrace of my house towards sunset, placing the camera in vertical and horizontal positions. The resulting sequence was characterised by a great variety of depth and intensity shades. Then, I chose a frame and enlarged it to the maximum so that it is possible to perceive the grain. Thirdly, I enlarged a small detail of the previous picture with the means at my disposal, obtaining from a detail of a little more than three centimetres an enlargement of three metres and a half. At that point the sky disappears and what remains is only a granular surface. The dominant elements are the clumps of silver salts, the grain, and you realize that it is possible to obtain the same image by photographing a wall, that the image is then reversible, interchangeable.