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8. Lenses
To Davide Mosconi, photographer

Generally, technical manuals present a sequence of photographs of the same landscape made with different lenses that, starting from an overall vision of the landscape, through subsequent passages, arrives to one of its smallest details. The explanation is mainly mechanical and refers to the power of the lenses to modify the depth and size of the field. On the contrary, it should be meant in a linguistic sense: using a wide-angle lens or a telephoto to reproduce the same image means to interpret it in two different ways. In the first case the result will be a distorted face, like a caricature, because the parts in the foreground will appear bigger than with a normal lens, while the parts in the background will be softened or even removed. In the second case all the elements are brought on the same plane and any protruding element is levelled by the depth of field, with a positive magnifying result. The face, the protagonist, the attitude are here identical; the two photos are instead profoundly different.