Jasper Jhons

Jasper Jhons gallery arte portfolios JASPER JHONS Negli stessi mesi ho fotografato a lungo, a New York e nella Carolina, Jasper Johns. In una di queste fotografie lo si vede mentre dipinge le sue mappe, tenendo in mano una vera carta geografica degli Stati Uni­ti. Johns dipinge senza guardare la carta ma, data la mia […]

The Biennali, “la fotografia” Ugo Mulas, Einaudi 1973

biennali gallery THE BIENNALE My official activity as a photographer started with the Biennale di Venezia of 1954. At that time I did not have any practice and any art. I left from Milan with Mario Dondero without any precise reason other than the willingness to approach this world in a more intriguing way. For […]

Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp gallery art portfolios DUCHAMP e NEWMAN The photographs of Duchamp aim to be something more than just a series of more or less successful portraits. Rather, they are an attempt to render in visual form Duchamp’s mental approach to his own work – an approach that acquired material form in years of silence, […]


milano gallery AN ARCHIVE FOR MILAN While working on the relationship between the structure of the city and things and people, I thought about a work that I had been wanting to do for some time: it is a work about the city where I live, about Milan, a city that has already lost a […]

L’attesa, Lucio Fontana

Lucio Fontana gallery art portfolios (THE WAITING) L’ATTESA I was a friend of Lucio Fontana, as all of us were here in Milan; I was one of his many friends. Apart from A few assignments for various Venice Biennales, I always worked for him without his asking me to: when I wanted to see what […]