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End of Verifications
To Marcel Duchamp

At a certain moment I felt that the series of verifications has ended and I decided to close it exactly where it has begun. I acted, in a sense, as an engraver who stakes out the plate after printing: in fact the glass, which is of great importance for my composition, gives my work precise physical and visual characteristics, and, once broken, it is impossible to repeat the operation. The outcome of my act has been a new image, different from the first. This radical break with the previous image has led me to think about the inherent meaning of the Homage to Niepce and also about Duchamp and not only because among his works there is one which consists of a big broken glass. I realized how Duchamp's attitude has, maybe unconsciously, influenced me; in particular his not doing that has had such a great importance on modern art and without which this part of my work would not exist. That is why I dedicated this photograph to his presence.